Celebs Motorcycle Addicts

Bikes are sexy. Do you agree? Some people say so, especially celebrities. Do you believe that? If you think that Hollywood celebrities are always ditched with expensive cars, disciplined  drivers and backseat comfort, then, you better know these. They love to go for wild extreme experiences, adrenalin rush and crash helmets. In other words, huge number of celebs love motorcycles!Want to know who they are?
Here’s the list.
Do you know the guy who played as Benjamin Button in the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, the man who is married with Jane Smith in the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” movie and the man who played as  Archilles in the movie “Troy”? I guess, you know. It’s Brad Pitt!  Brad Pitt at TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2006We might be thinking that Brad Pitt’s career only revolves with movies and commercials. Well, you better know this. Brad Pitt is a number one addict of motorcycles and an obsessed fan of Ducati.  Ducati counts Brad as one of their clients for their distinctive steel framed machines.
Another motorcycle fan added in the list is Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are both Ducati’s avid fan. Taylor Lautner is Tom Cruise’s admirer when it comes to motorcycle talks.
Recently, Tom Cruise and Taylor met before the shoot in the movie abduction and guess what their topic was all about? Tom CruiseYeah. Lautner said they talked about motorcycle riding. Obviously, both men love motorcycle riding.I presume you are already familiar with The Pirates and The Caribbean movie? If that’s so, then, I expect that you know the casts. Orlando Bloom is also one of those celebrities who loves motorcycle riding. When Orlando is not spotted in the red carpet or shopping with his wife Miranda  and  shooting movies, I’m sure he is always seen on his motorcycle. Like Pitt, Cruise and Lautner, Orlando is also a huge fan of bikes.
Next in the list is Ewan McGregor who took his love with motorcycles after going to a worldwide bike tour with his friend Charley Boorman. george clooneyBoth went to a bike long journeys through Mongolia and through Europe and Africa.  McGregor discovered his love of motorcycles at a very young age.Motorcycles? We get it! It’s George Clooney and James Bond got nothing on him. This guy that we are talking here is crazy about bikes! Just as crazy as Brad Pitt.
Try to Google Clooney and you will surely see  photos of him in his bike.There are lots of motorcycle addicts in the list. But I decided to leave the rest of work to you. If you are a fan of motorcycles, then, start finding your group now!

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