No Turning Back For Valentino Rossi


Valentino Rossi

If you like Tiger Wood’s great full swing strikes in golf, admire Lebron James’ powerful rebounds and lay-ups in basketball or love Manny Pacquiao’s undefeated punches in boxing, then, I welcome you to the circle of the sports addicts. But wait, there’s more! If you think that sports only revolves with these three people, then, you are not the type of person that should be reading this blog.

I wonder if you know Valentino Rossi. The name that commonly sprung whenever motorcycle competitions are being talked and held anywhere around the globe. Just hearing the name makes his fans alive and cheer as if their voices would fuel Rossi’s engine to life and do some of his riding styles that attracts attention. Anybody can make an impression but no one can ever beat Rossi’s style when it comes to satisfying his fans goal to win. Before we dip ourselves with his achievements and success, let’s make a brief background check to this famous motorcycle racer of the world.

Taking A Glimpse in The Past

Valentino Rossi was born in Urbino, Italy on February 16, 1979. His father Graziano was a also motorcycle racer where he obviously get his talent and ability to race and compete just as what he is doing now. Believe it or not, Rossi started to ride in his dirt bikes at the age of three. Then, at the age of 18, he won a regional title in racing go-karts and this is where the fame of being the best rider in the world started.

Working With Ducati After Yamaha

Working with Yamaha, Rossi garnered a world wide fame because of his 9 world titles in the field of motorcycle racing. The legend in Grand Prix motorcycle racing have started to face the new chapter of his life, not with Yamaha but with Ducati . The greatest rider of two-wheel racing have teamed up with Ducati for 18 months and now that his contract will about to expire, there are lots of speculations to whether he will be coming back with Yamaha or Honda. Since the paper remained unsigned, they cannot release a concrete information about Rossi’s future options.

Ducati needs Rossi to do well in the race but in order to do that, they must build a competitive bike. In other words, they must work together to continue their success in GP. Should he stay or not? That is the question that everybody is waiting for to get some answers. But soon, we will know the decision. I know that Rossi will not give up and continue his race for the people who supports him.

The Crashes

You might want to ask if he have ever encountered crashes during his competition. Well, the truth is who ever you are and no matter how expert you are, there will surely be downfalls. Lots of downfalls. And for me it does not matter how many times you have fallen on the ground. The important thing is you have learned to stand and continue to reach your goals. As with Rossi, he had encountered several crashes. During the final practice, Rossi took a fall and suffered a fracture in his left tibia. That was in 2010.

Throughout his GP career, Rossi has been going of “one year to learn, one year to win” motto. When he begun to race in the Grand Prix Motorcycle racing in 1996, he instantly became the youngest ever GP champion at the age of 16. And now considered to be the most dominating rider in the modern era.

I know that lots of people especially GP fans admire Rossifumi with his ability and expertise in the field of motorcycle racing. Well, I think there is no reason for them to ignore him. Few people have the courage to ride and race and Rossi is one of them. For the Yellow Army – his fans and supporters, it’s always Rossi and nobody else.


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