5 Motorcycle Designs: Rocking Tough Races

All bike lovers as well as designers will surely love and appreciate the unique and great ideas of customized bike designs. Every year, new artists and designers showcases their designs of motorcycles which are extremely appreciated by people all over the world especially riders. Designing a motorcycle base on your imagination takes a lot of effort and giving life and color to raw materials needs a creative mind to come up  with a good concept of design.

So, hold on to your seats as we join the race and see the various kinds of motorcycle designs!

The Red Bull Motorcycle Concept

Introducing the Red, loud, and shiny Bull that hit a Bull’s Eye because of the unique concept of Barrend Massow Hemmes. The idea behind this creation was revealed by Hemmes as he was once inspired by one of his iconic company logo viz.,bull, which was just a piece of pattern in a paper before. It was with his creative mind that he incorporate such unique function piece of machinery. Being creative is an inborn gift which were later on honed up by our experiences in life. The main attraction of this Bull concept is the way the bull horns embedded in the wheels which really gives tremendous and awesome look. Hemmes seems to used fiberglass with high polyurethane on it.

The Freaking Beast On The Road

Are you afraid? Anyone of us would look this as the most scariest conventional bikes around the world. I was freaking out when I first saw it but was amazed by how the creator made it and gives life on it. It was a fully functional 2007 Suzuki Hayabusa which was redesigned and took in hand by Pitstop Motors of New Jersey seriously. The theme was fully based on the famous antagonist Predator from the movie series.

The Jaguar Motorcycle

The Jaguar Concept was again designed by Massow Hemmes. It was based from the “leaper” cat logo of Jaguar Cars. The bike was assembled from a 1200cc Buell 97 S3 Thunderbird purchased off ebay and was formed in high- grade steel and finished with ultra- high gloss ebony lacquer and sports stingray skin seats.

The Crypt

This bike seems going to hell or might get you rock off the road when someone drives on it. It was created by John Holt in 2004- 2005 in his basement shop in Boone County, Illinois, USA. He called this Bone Bike as “Iron Death” which has 32 teeth in its jaws and a headlight in each eye socket as you could see above.

The Batcycle

The Batcycle for the movie The Dark Knight of Christopher Nolan is called a Batpod. It is a fictional personal motorcycle of comic super hero Batman. It is a dual front- mounted cannons, machine guns and grappling hooks. It has a bulletproof wind guard and a computer- controlled carburetor. It was designed by Nathan Crowley who designed the Tumbler of the movie Batman Begins.


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  1. “5 Motorcycle Designs: Rocking Tough Races | The Rider’s Zone” was indeed a perfect article. However, if it possessed even more photographs it would definitely be even better. Thank u -Willa

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