Why People Love Motorcycling?

Motorcycle craze

Why people love motorcycling? Lately, I’ve been wondering why there are some who love to join in  motorcycle racing competitions when they knew the danger behind racing and the possible outcome if the competition would turn bad. Whenever I went to live competitions, I can’t help but to think of accidents, injuries and death. I’ve seen lots of riders being thrown with their motorcycles outside the lane and I’ve witnessed how horrible their faces and bodies are due to the injuries that they’ve obtain. And then, I started to think why? I can’t think of the answers. Just because they want to fulfill their interest, they would be willing to face death.

Most riders says that motorcycling is a hobby and that is where their interest are. Well. I can’t blame them for having such kind of perception. Me, too, is a fan of motorcycling. In fact, I enjoy watching it. But I don’t race or even dare to ride in a motorcycle because of the danger. However, there is the other side of me saying “why do I still love watching it when I don’t even have the nerve to try?” The truth is, I’m afraid of accidents. I don’t want to be like those riders who are tied in their beds because of the injuries that they have obtained. I am afraid that I might lost the chance to have a normal life.

We can’t avoid accidents. They just happen anytime. The famous and the rich, the good and the excellent are not exempted to it. If you race and had an accident, you will be just like other people in the world who suffer the same thing that other people have experience. You can’t save yourself. Once you’re there, there will be no one to help you. You’ll go by yourself and if fate plays, you’ll be suffering by yourself as well.

I came up with reasons why people love this sport and this is  all base on my observations. First, they want it because that’s their interest. Second, they do it for fame and money. Is that true? I don’t think so.  I think riders are already rich. If they are poor then where would they get their budget to support their wants? I can only see two reasons why they engage in such kind of activity. Can you think of any? Aside from feeding their interest and wants, money and fame, can you think of any reasons then? Well, if you have ideas, then maybe, you can share it here.


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