Wear Helmets For Protection Not For Fashion

Here’s a simple rule: If you are planning to ride, wear a helmet. If you don’t, then, hands off! However, wearing a helmet does not mean that you are safe. What do I mean with that? Simple. Make sure that the helmet that you are wearing fits your head and a DOT certified. I don’t mind if it’s like an ugly plastic shell that covers my head as long as I can ensure my safety and I am comfortable wearing it.

For most riders especially the new ones, purchasing a helmet can be more daunting than choosing a bike to ride. Finding a good helmet can be more challenging unless you already have the knowledge about helmets and have asked lots of people for information about the item that you are planning to buy. Do not rush to get things done. You might simply buy a helmet because you like it or the dealer suggests that it’s good. If this would happen, you will make your riding experience less enjoyable because you did not get a helmet that properly fits your head.

The truth is, even an experienced rider who is looking for a replacement of his old helmet will find this task difficult and intimidating. I knew some riders who still asks for other’s opinion before buying an item just to make sure that it would fulfill their needs. Dealers might offer some advice about fit and comfort which is not applicable in your case because your head’s size is different.

So, before you buy a helmet, make sure that it fits your head and is tight enough to avoid pulling it off by grabbing the back or yanking it forward. A rider would lose the chance to enjoy his ride if the gears that he is wearing is annoying. How can you possibly focus on the road if you are wearing a lousy helmet?

Second, make sure that it is certified by the department of transportation or DOT. A DOT sticker located at the back of the helmet proves that the item have undergone a rigorous laboratory testing. Primarily, DOT safety standards are impose to make sure that the item has an impact protection, penetration protection and retention.

Forget about fashion and focus on protection. Some riders are just blinded with the helmet’s appearance, forgetting its main purpose. Hey guys, if you are planning to impress the public, do it during the competition and not before the competition. What’s the point of having helmet if it’s not for protection?

Consider the budget. Prices cannot speak for a good quality. Wearing an expensive helmet does not guarantee safety. You have to be economically wise when it comes to items that you need for a race. It does not matter if it is in the middle quality item as long as you are sure that it can protect your head from injuries.


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