The Famous Car Crashers

As I browse the news in the INTERNET, I can hardly read good news. What I truly see are the negative sides of the world. If its not about the Royal issues or Britney Spears appearance to X-factor, most content would focus to accidents. Not just simple accidents but a horrible one which involved not just ordinary people but celebrities. Hollywood celebrities for that matter! They maybe talented at singing, dancing and acting but that does not mean that they are wise enough to follow the traffic rules in driving. If you are not familiar with celebrities who were involved in crashes and accidents, then, I’ll take the opportunity to be your informer.

The List of the Car Crashers:

james dean crashJames Dean crashed his new car when he decided to enter in a car race. His car was later know as “Little Bastard” which became a legend throughout the country. Ryan Dunn crashed his porsche in Pennsylvania that kills him and his passenger. The car was in a bad shape when discovered and the police cannot identify the exact reason of the death of the two victims. Ryan is fond of car racing and have joined many gumball 3000 competitions.

Are you familiar with Mr. Bean? I guess its hard to forget someone who makes us laugh throughout the episodes. With his little teddy and funny gestures, Rowan Atkinson known as Mr. Bean have become popular all over the world. But do you know that not only in the shows does Mr. Ryan Dunn crashBean experience car crashes and accidents? Rowan Atkinson crashed his beloved car not just once but twice. We also have Jay Kay, an enthusiasts of car racing, Nick Hogan, Eddie Griffin and Lindsay Lohan!

The name sounds very familiar huh? Lindsay Lohan accident happened recently. There were actually trial but the court put her at misdemeanor case. After the case was close, I can still read news about Lohan’s being involved in another car crash or accidents. Just what in mind is she doing to her life? Or maybe she is not afraid with the law the reason why she can’t discipline herself.

The ReasRowan Atkinson crashons

The outcome definitely have reasons why it resulted that way. Behavior is seen to be the most common reason why accidents happen. The law says drunk drivers are prohibited to drive. Then why is that that I can still read news about car crashes with drunk drivers in it? Speed kills and if you are drunk while driving with an unbeatable speed, then you should expect the possibilities. Either you live or you die.

Lindsay Lohan crashSecond reason is the equipment failure. Before leaving the area, check your brakes, tires and engines to avoid accidents. The other reason is the roadway designs. Motorists often blame the roadway design. Hazard visibility, roadway surfaces, traffic control devices, traffic flow, weather, poor maintenance and behavioral control devices are often pointed as the cause of accidents. However, I seldom heard news about this factor as a cause of accident. Most reasons are caused by the driver’s behavior to drive.



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