A Ride For A Difference

Las Vegas Ride For Kids To Raise $59,196 For PBTF

Image source: pbtfus.org

Some may find them the beasts of the road, riding their bikes with exhilaration while savoring the freedom and enjoyment brought by racing. However, no matter how tough they may be while riding their big bikes, many of our riders have that soft spot in their hearts that lead them to work for a cause. This time, as they hit the racetrack, they are not simply thinking of the fulfillment they will feel upon reaching the finish line; but, they are looking forward to help others, and bring smile to those people who are needing their inspiration and help.

The Ride For Kids Program in Las Vegas raised an amount of $59,000 for Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF) as an endeavor to help victims of childhood brain tumors. The event was held last October 1, 2012 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway participated by motorcyclists who are gathering the support of nine families of brain tumor patients together with more or less 500 fans.

The enthusiasm of the crowd brought a merry appeal to the event. It was graced by the Ride For Kids stars of the event namely Kassidy, Alex, Devin, Cheyenne, Tobin, Nicole, Bradley, Hannah, and Nico who are voiced out their heartfelt thanks to the riders and the people who supported the fund raising by quoting “Thank you for your time. Just being out here for us makes a difference.”

Image source: brandonsgoal.org

According to Dr. Jonathan Bernstein, a pediatric specialist who supports Ride For Kids, The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation makes up for the government’s shorted funds for brain tumor research. This mean that the people who support the cause of PBTF are making a great difference in the lives of children who battling with brain tumor.

Along with motorcyclists who showed support with their participation, other top fund-raisers in Las Vegas Ride For Kids were Cheyenne Stoner, a young brain tumor survivor who contributed $6,001 through her cupcake sales in the Individual Category, the Desert Riders with $7,111 from Motorcycle Chapter, and Carter Powersports with $6,873 from a Motorcycle business.

A brand new Honda Motorcycle was won by Victor Alvarado in a draw while Mic Williams received an AGV helmet, Nicole Coleman with Dunlop tire, Glen Collinsworth got a Tourmaster luggage, and Randy Orr was prized with a Cardo Scala Rider.

The whole event was a success, thanks to the efforts of the team of volunteers for Ride For Kids.

Ride For Kids is a non-government organization that supports research and cure for childhood brain tumor. It is the official charity of the Honda Riders Club of America (HRCA) whose members have been supporting the cause since 1991. Ride For Kids is simply one of the facets where a person with a hobby can help others in means he or she can also enjoy.

We salute the motorcyclists who gave their time and support for Ride For Kids. Keep it up fellas!


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