Valentino Rossi To Win Monza Rally

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There is another reason for the Yellow Army to celebrate! The seven time MotoGP champ we support in his entire racing career have proven himself not to be only a champion in the motorcycle racing track. The three-day Monza Rally Show starting 23 to 25 of November highlighted Valentino Rossi who impressed over 30,000 with two wins at the Milanese circuit.

Rossi drove the Team VR46 Racing’s WRC-Spec Ford Fiesta with Carlo Cassina. With Rossi’s aggressive maneuvering of the four-wheel drive, he was declared victory not only on the Stage Rally, but also snatched the 1st spot on the Master Show. Rossi placed an equally seasoned racer Dindo Capello into the second spot all through-out the nine contests with his phenomenal finish of 2.8 seconds ahead in the track. Capello and Rossi dominated the race as the third placer Piero Longhi got a 54.4 difference upon the completion of the rally.

The competition heated when the Master Show has to take place. Drivers went head-to-head on the track, but Rossi bested his rival Capello by 8.5 seconds, making him the winner. Moreover, it was not only Rossi who is the MotoGP rider to take over the Master’s podium. Andrea Dovizioso, a Yamaha rider took his place as third.

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In the event, it was not only Rossi’s fans who were elated for his victory. Monster Energy, one of Valentino Rossi’s major sponsor commented on his notable spirit throughout the competition. All over the weekend, Rossi has a cheerful smile on his face to the delight of the fans who not only closely saw their hero in the paddock and on track. Rossi welcomed his fans as he inked memorabilia, posters, and willingly posed for photos. The jammed grandstand cheered with the champion as he drove on the Master show with delighted confidence.

The famed MotoGP stars to race along with Rossi are Andrea Dovizioso and Jorge Lorenzo of the Yamaha Factory Racing. Lorenzo, will be joining another four-wheel seasoned event on the Race of the Champions to be held in Thailand on December 14-16. Lorenzo will race with famous F1 stars such like Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel.

motorcycle racing

The confirmed decision of Rossi to leave Ducati in favor of Yamaha will be another start-up of his career with Yamaha Factory Racing which he left in the end of the 2010 MotoGP season. This will be a refreshing sight for Rossi as he will be in a change of motorcycle outfit in his two-years signed contract for Yamaha. For 2013 -2014 seasons, Rossi will be wearing blue riding gear to ride second behind Yamaha’s top rider Jorge Lorenzo who won the the 2012 MotoGP championship.

Moreover, our beloved Rossi is never bitter being behind Lorenzo in his comeback in Yamaha. He considered the spot as a very advantageous position and says he has nothing to lose. So true for Rossi, garnering seven world championships are quite enough to prove his legendary ability in motorcycle racing, and his recent win in Monza Rally is another proof how a great rider Yellow Army’s Rossi could be.

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