About Helmets: Find The Helmet Fit For You

Riders wear helmet not primarily for fashion, but for protection. Though there are plenty of fashionable helmets today, still riders should first consider the right fit and comfort because it is what can save a rider’s life.

Helmets come in different designs, color, make, brand, and materials. Prices also vary, however, this is not always the basis of quality. Do not be convinced to buy a helmet simply because of the price. Sometimes, we tend to believe that we get the best quality because we paid for more; however, what you need to check first are the features,upon your personal critiquing you will be able to discern whether the helmet you are planning to buy deserve its price, or you will be getting less than you are going to pay. Riding is fun, and it will be more enjoyable if you are wearing good motorcycle gears and apparels that will give you the confidence as you travel. Feeling good, comfortable, and happy while you drive your road best friend is a priceless experience to start and end a great day.

Moreover, your head gear have lots to offer to upgrade your riding experience. Upgrading your regular helmets as well with additional features will not only keep you comfortably safe while you travel, but entertained too! Modern helmets from trusted brands in motorcycle gears manufacturing bring you outstanding features that deviates the ordinary. Let’s learn more about these features:

Noise Reduction Technology: Riders who value their peace and quiet are probably annoyed by unnecessary noise their regular helmets bring because of the wind as they speed. If you are one of those riders, the Noise Reduction Technology feature of Shoei helmets may be great for you. Helmets equipped by noise reduction features are designed to reduce unwanted road noises to give the rider a better hearing of the ‘road’s informative sounds’. Shoei Qwest Helmet Solid is one helmet model from Shoei with the noise reduction feature.

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AirFit™: AirFit Technology is a trademark of Scorpion Helmets. The feature gives the helmet a helmet pump air inflation system for a custom fit. It has a cheek pad and roll adjustment system that provides improved fit and wind noise reduction. One of the great models that comes with the feature is the Scorpion EXO 900 Transformer Helmet Solids. It is a modular helmet that boast a chin bar that fits to the rider like a custom tailored tux.

Removable / Washable Bioceramic Nylex®: Hygienic rider? Look for helmets made by HJC since the brand has registered a trademark for Bioceramic Nylex®, a removable and washable interior which is antibacterial and designed for maximum comfort and hygiene. Some of HJC models are equipped with SilverCool trademark feature which like the Nylex gives moisture-free and odor-free interior.

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Bluetooth: Bluetooth technology has reached helmets! If you enjoy listening to music, you can while you travel. A brand with lots of positive review for Bluetooth is Vega with its V-Com Bluetooth System that provide wireless sync to Bluetooth enabled devices such as phones, MP3, GPS, and others. Try Vega V-Tune Bluetooth Helmet Rock On model and enjoy riding tunes. However, do use if safely, because in riding, you cannot afford to get distracted.

There are plenty of helmet features you can freely choose based on your personal preference. However, do not be overwhelmed by these all, think only of your comfort, what you think is deemed useful, and go for them.


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