2013 Resolutions To Work For Your Road Buddy

New Year At Jafrum

The New Year for many signals a new beginning. In many cases, youngsters and adults alike lists down or takes mental note of their plans for the whole year. Popular resolutions are working out for a healthier diet, will do better in work or studies, will spend more time reading books, and the list goes on. There truly are lots, but did you every think of resolution that will make your motorcycle riding better, or do you have plans to improve your riding habits for your sake and for the benefit of your beloved bike? Well, the idea may be something new, but definitely attainable.

Below are few “life-changing” practices you may start this year ‘for the love of your bike’…

Clean your bike regularly. You wouldn’t stand losing your charm for not taking a bath for weeks! The same goes for motorcycles, no matter how handsome your bike is, if its is full of dust and dirt through poor and irregular cleaning, your bike may also lose its charm. Oftentimes, riders would regularly clean their bikes when it is new, then the drive will lose as time passes. Do not allow this to happen, start cleaning your bike regularly again (if you often forget to do so) and create a note or schedule so you will not forget.

Inspect your tires. Do not botch a good travel by having faulty tires. It is basic that proper tire pressure is a must, it increases safety and assist on good braking. Inspect your tires, even visually before your ride your bike.

Learn motorcycle maintenance and even basic fixing. Sometimes, you will never know when will road problems arise. Knowledge is an important preparation so it is essential that you start learning even just basic fixing skills. It will help you save money for your minor bike problems.

Check the battery. One of the most common neglected part of a motorcycle is the battery. Try to keep a regular eye on its charge, and BTW, how clean is the top of your battery?

Get a motorcycle refresher course. Safety is a primary goal in riding. Though you are riding daily, you might have forgotten some of the must-dos in motorcycle riding. A motorcycle course will help greatly to refresh your knowledge in riding safety.

Update yourself of the traffic laws in your state. Rules and regulations sprouts like mushroom at times, do not be left out by not being informed. Ask the local state department of traffic rules in your state or visit the web for some readings. Ignorance of the law excuses no one, so better be aware of the rules to prevent getting a traffic ticket.

Upgrade your motorcycle gears. You might have gears still working, but upgrading them will work for the better. You do not need to do it in an instant. You might need to have new boots, helmet, jacket, luggage, or rain gear. Check on what you are lacking and invest on good gears that will last for years. Also, do you have a toolbox?

The resolutions stated above are just a few of what you can do. You can always improvise and make you own list. Motorcycle are riders road best-friend, you can make your bike look its best if you take care of it properly. After all, it has plenty of advantages to give us as well.



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