3 Tips To Find The Boots Good For You

gears that you should wearIn riding, we all know that we must be protected from head to foot, and definitely, if we wear a helmet, you should also not forget to wear proper riding boots. Who would want to ride a bike barefooted after all? You most likely would not want to…

Riding your big bike wearing an inappropriate footwear is like riding barefoot. It may not protect your feet very well, and diminishes the essence of wearing motorcycle gears. As we hit the road going to wherever we are heading to, we should never forget to wear the basic gears every rider must have. Riding may be a hobby, but it is not a joke. If we wanted to give our best every time we ride our road buddy, we should always be equipped with the protective gears to keep us safe not only from accidents, but also from the bad weather.

Riding boots keeps the rider’s feet at bay from possible injuries as well as from the uncomfortable feeling brought by the engine heat. With good quality motorcycle boots, riders will have easier time starting their engine and balancing the ride for stops and parking. Boots are the rider’s armor against slippery roads, and their extra grip in in rough terrains. Unlike the regular footwear we use, motorcycle boots are designed more durable, with thick spikes for better riding experience.

gears that you should wear

There are plenty of boots that one can find in motorcycle gear stores today. For wise purchasing, it is a must that you find the features that will allow you to maximize the value of your money. Below are three simple ways to find the right boots for you.

The Protective Upper.

The first look of your footwear is directed to the upper. However, much more before the style should be the material the boots are made of. The material primarily depends the riding lifestyle you have. If you ride for travel purposes, traditional motorcycling boots made of leather are durable and offers the best protection though not as light as the molded ones for racing. Leather is a very good investment, and it lasts for years.

The River Road Side Zip Highway Boots is great for everyday use. It has 6′ tall upper made of genuine leather that will not disappoint. If you will go racing, you will never go wrong with Alpinestars S-MX 5 Boots Black Vented.

Video featuring Alpinestars S-MX 5 Black Vented Boots.

Durable Soles.

The soles, inner and outer must be checked to ensure safety and comfortability of your feet. The outer sole should be hard, oil resistant, and with good spikes for better grip. Better if it can be resoled for money-saving purposes in the future. The inner on the other-hand, should be fully padded for maximum comfort and breath ability. Keeping you feet rightly protected, does not necessarily mean you have to sacrifice comfort while you ride.

Wearable and Fashionable.

In buying a motorcycle gear, the first to catch our attention is the design before the features. When we see a design that suit our taste, we tend to check the features then buy it. If you are a rider who wanted to spend your money wisely, never disregard the features of a gear for the sake of design. Ask yourself if it incorporates the two consideration above. Comfort and protection are the two most important factors, then a great design follows.

In addition, make sure that your boots does not take too much effort and time to wear. So before you buy, assess if it is the design is practical, and gears you best.



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