How To Pick The Right Rain Gear?

Rain may come anytime, and you cannot afford a travel with your motorcycle unprepared. Being caught with the rain while you travel brings you more trouble than good as a rider, and you have to cover yourself fully in order to reach your destination safe and dry.

To avoid being caught by rain in surprise, taking a rain gear especially if you are going for a long hours of travel is a must. You cannot simply tell the rain to stop because you will drive, so as much as possible wearing a gear will spare you from the hassle of standing by in sheds until the sky is clear again for you to ride safely. Wearing rain gear may not only keep you dry along the way, but it can also protect you against sickness and colds brought by the wet and cold weather.

Fashion and comfort comes with every riders preference. And it is definitely possible to mix them in one. There are plenty of rain gear designs that will match your preference the most, and all you have to do is to choose.

get gears for safety

There are two types of rain suits:

One-piece rain gear – If you wanted to wear your gear fast, one-piece may be the best for you. The down side however is you cannot easily adjust the fit to your own. The good thing is that you do not have to worry about straps and fastenings. It can be easily be folded and dried when not in use.

Two-piece rain gear – The nice thing about two-piece rain suits is that you can easily adjust it to your right fit. If you have longer torso, you may have no worries because the pants does not connect with the jacket.

The primary reason that you will be wearing a rain gear is to remain dry until you reach your destination. However, there are plenty of stuffs in the stores that cannot guarantee you with the quality. Before you go and shell our bucks, make sure that you the one you’ve got can offer you the best riding protection a rain gear has to offer. Here is a checklist in choosing the right rain gear for you:

get gears for safety

  • Check the material. Nylon is the usual textile used in creating rain gears, but make sure that the gear is made of high-quality nylon and is ultimately waterproof and seam sealed.

  • Ensure that the gear has night-vision reflective fabric in the front and back. This will allow you to be seen by other drivers even the road is dark and foggy. Without this feature, you may be invisible in the rain especially that the sound of the water and wind can overpower the sound of your engine. It is a rule in safety riding to allow yourself to be seen.

  • The zippers, adjustments, and closures should be waterproof as well.

  • Find the gear that is right of your size, whether you go for one-piece or two-piece, you have to choose the one that will fit you best. Not too loose to flap in the wind, and too tight to restrain your movements. You have to be comfortable in your travel, and what you wear contributes greatly to that comfort.



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