What Makes Motorcycles A Cool Ride?

motorcbikes rocks in races

Motorcycles got a perception of being a dangerous ride because they do not have any covering unlike cars. Without protective gears riders are wearing, they are completely exposed to the open air, thus making them vulnerable when accident occurs. This the reality riders have to face, however, lots of them appreciate the usefulness of motorcycles for their travel. Motorcycling come with plenty of advantages. Many riders believe that safety is not a matter of what you drive and where you are. Inevitabilities exist, and that is something they do not have control with. What they can do is to do something they can, and that is RIDING CAREFULLY. When riders are practicing caution on the road and equipping their selves with necessary gears, they are more likely to enjoy the perks brought by motorcycling.

Living in fear and full of doubt is never healthy if you are a person who wanted to experience more in life. If you are having doubts that a motorcycle can give you great travel moments, below are few reasons that can make up your mind.


If you want to get rid of your mountainous fuel bills, motorcycle riding gives the benefit of getting much while spending less. Imagine if you are driving a car, most likely, the cost to fill up your fuel tank is equal to the value of a sumptuous dinner for two. Recently, diesel costs more or less $4 per gallon, and a car usually consumes more fuel than a motorcycle. Say that you have to spend $75 for an average fill up for you car, if you ride a motorcycle, $15 would do, and it can take you miles away without worrying how much money went out of your pocket. The difference of the amount you can save is too huge to make a difference in your budget.

Environment Friendly and Economical

When you are riding motorcycle, you are might not aware that you are helping your country reduce its dependence to foreign oils. Also, it reduces harmful carbon emissions which is relatively higher when you are driving a car.

Easy Maintenance

motorcbikes rocks in races

When you own a vehicle, you will surely set aside a chunk of money for its maintenance. However, if you will notice, motorcycle engines are easier to work on compared to cars. Many motorcyclists are working with their vehicles on their own. If you have knowledge on the engine, there is no need for you to bring your bike to the mechanic whenever you got minor engine problems. Also, motorcycles only have two tires to be changed unlike cars that will need four.

Easy To Park/Flexible in Traffic

Is the daily traffic makes your mornings going to work bad? A motorcycle ride will save you from the trouble! Since motorcycles are not as big as cars, you can easily move in between other vehicles and reach your destination twice fast as using a car. Motorcycle engines will not stand a long stand-by, it has to keep moving, so there are few exemptions for motorcycle riders. In some countries, there are motorcycle lanes that gives the full advantage of fast travel. On the other-hand being in a rush is not an excuse to over-speed and drive recklessly. Always follow traffic rules when riding.


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