Great Summer Riding Picks

Bye spring. Welcome summer! Temperature is rising, but your riding fashion does not have to plummet. As the hot sun is intensifying, this is the time to shed the old heavy layers of winter and spring to give way to the comfort, cool, and breezy summer look. However, donning lighter and more vented clothes does not necessarily mean sacrificing protection. Choosing the right summer gear can save you from the heat of the sun while still protecting you against inevitabilities on the road.

Since most of the days will be bright, you are in for a wonderful riding season. Do not spoil it by wearing gears which may not be appropriate for the season. Of course those gears can still be kept for future use. Clean them well and keep them in a safe place at room temperature. You can pick those gears again when the perfect season for them comes.

We would like to help you find quality gears to be your buddy this summer. What to include in you list? Find out below:

Breathable Jacket – Cool clothing can give you a cool feeling. We are aware that riding a motorcycle is riding in open air. Protect your upper body with a jacket with materials that will allow your skin to breathe. Mesh, textile and denim are great options. If possible ditch the heavy leathers this time especially those clothings that offers features for warmth. Those gears may only accumulate heat that will make you uncomfortable in your riding and worse if they make you distracted.

Ride Safely With This Gear

Mesh Motorcycle Jacket with CE Armor 8016 by Detour is ideal for summer with its cool mesh fabric. When it comes to protection, you will not be disappointed with its removable foam back protector and CE Certified Armor for both shoulders and elbows. The design is simple but fits well even with the armor. It is light for summer riding and offers good deal of air when you need it go right through your jacket. In colder days or night-time riding, you can still don it, just wear a sweat shirt in the inner.
Ride Safely With This Gear

Cool Riding Pants – Like the jacket, you can also opt for textile, denim, or mesh for pants , however, if you really love leathers, you can take it as an exemption as long as the leather you’ll wear will work well for summer.  Pueblo Cool Leather Pants by River Road is a pair you can consider. While leather often provides warmth thus great for winter riding or colder days, River Road’s Pueblo Cool features TFL Cool System that reflects up to 80% solar rays that prevents the material from getting warm. It reduces the leather’s surface temperature, therefore making it a comfortable leather clothing. The style is classic, and comes with mesh lining so that it will not cling to pants.

Ride Safely With This Gear

Well-ventilated Helmet – If you have a helmet that offers good vents, you can still use it for summer, however, if you wanted a good upgrade, go for helmet that will give you ample amount of air to keep you out from sweating underneath. Revolver Evo Modular Helmet from Bell comes with internal sun shade offering “on the fly” protection from the sun without having to stop and change shields. The helmet is very comfortable with Bell’s Velocity Flow Ventilation system with FlowAdjust for maximum airflow and temperature control. The antibacterial/ antimicrobial interior liner is removable and washable so you don’t have to worry about hygiene especially the summer will naturally make you sweat more. The shield is anti-fog, anti-scratch, and UV protected so having one is just “Wow!”


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