Tips To Ride Your Bike Safely

Ride Safely To Avoid Accidents

Many safety tips for motorcycle riders give more focus on the way they manipulate their vehicle and the manner they protect themselves by wearing motorcycle clothing. However, riding is not all about what you wear. To achieve safety, you also have to be particular of your actions on the road. There are few essential driving practices that we want to share the riders for safer and better riding experience. Motorcycles are considered to be one of the most vulnerable vehicles on the road, and without appropriate knowledge on safety practices, there is a great possibility that riders will suffer accidents which worse can lead to death.

We do not want to wait for these unfortunate incidents to happen before we act. To do this, we have to be particular of the way we behave on the road. Let’s see few motorcycle tips that will help us increase our safety while riding.

Be Particular of the No-Zones

Apparently, motorcycles  are smaller than other vehicles and it makes them barely noticeable at the blind spots of bigger automobiles like giant trucks. Do not mess up with 18-wheelers and tractor-trailers if you love your precious life. Don’t come near the truck’s blind spot because that is a “no-zone.” There is a blind spot directly at the rear of the truck as well as on sides that can even span several lanes. Remember that motorcycles are lightweight and can stop quickly, opposite to trucks. So the motorcycle rider should be the one to initiate more safety precautions. If you are to pass a big truck, make sure to honk a signal to alert the driver. While passing, do not linger on the “no-zones,” but pass quickly.

Gear Up

Helmets and motorcycle clothing are important gears. Always wear your safety equipments as you travel.

Drive For Life

You are in control of the handlebars, and the way you manipulate your bike gradually affects your safety on the road. Always remember your personal riding limits and ride to the pace that you are comfortable with, but still following the law. Be extra cautious and pay attention to the lights and signals that other drivers make for the safety of other motorists. If these signals and lights do not work, stay alert, and be prepared, ride defensively. No matter how small your bike is compared to other drivers, you share many laws when it comes to road safety. Do not drive aggressively to prevent the chances of crashing. Watch your speed at all times.

Go For Safety Inspections

As much as possible, do not travel without checking your bike. Proper maintenance of your vehicle is important to keep it in good condition. A properly maintained bike will not only keep you safe, but can also help in making your every riding experience a lot better.

Learn New Riding Skills

Give yourself an opportunity to learn new riding skills by enrolling to riding courses. This will strengthen your riding knowledge which is beneficial for your safety. Also read about your state’s traffic rules and regulations to avoid getting a traffic ticket from violations you are not even aware that exist.

Secure Your Cargo and Riding Accessories

One of the hidden dangers underlying in riding a motorcycle are paraphernalia which are not properly secured. Backpack straps, scarves, etc. should be secured because even the smallest lace to be caught by the rear tire can cause big trouble. If your motorcycle items will not be used for the ride, better keep them in your motorcycle luggage until you need them.


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